Customised FRP constructions

FlexxCon is not only a supplier of FRP, it also specialises in customised FRP constructions. Customisation of FRP begins with good consultation and engineering. Our engineering department devises and designs customised FRP solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. FlexxCon is active in many different sectors (petrochemical industry, civil engineering, energy sector, shipping and offshore) and we manufacture and install a wide variety of products and
FRP constructions.

Examples of customised FRP constructions include:

  • Staircases and landings
  • catwalks, walkways
  • platforms, access platforms
  • FRP supporting constructions
  • hatch constructions
  • ladders and cage ladders
  • FRP grating

The advantages of FRP in customised constructions

The use of FRP offers many advantages and is a good and cost-effective choice for many applications and constructions. Fibreglass reinforced FRP offers superior strength and durability in humid, aggressive and corrosive (water-rich) environments. That is why an increasing number of sectors (petrochemical industry, civil engineering, energy, shipping and offshore) opt for the customised FRP solutions of FlexxCon.

All the advantages of FRP

Customised FRP constructions are strong and safe, weatherproof and have a long service life. FRP grating in particular has excellent anti-slip properties. Furthermore, FRP is relatively lightweight and easily, flexibly and quickly processed and installed.

FRP customisation: it doesn’t rust and it doesn’t rot!

Steel, stainless steel and wood are traditional, much-used construction materials. However, when these materials are used, rust and rot are inevitable in the long run, which can lead to dangerous situations. That is why the use of FRP is a high-quality alternative for many applications.

  • FRP grating is safe (anti-slip surface)
  • FRP is corrosion-resistant (does not rust and does not rot)
  • low-maintenance
  • FRP has a long service life
  • lightweight
  • easy to process
  • easy to install

Want to know more about customised FRP constructions?

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