Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating (FRP)

Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating is high-strength, versatile in use and extremely suitable for applications in civil engineering, industrial environments, etc. FlexxCon’s FRP (GRP) grating has a long service life, is chemically resistant and is relatively low in weight. These unique properties make our FRP grating very suitable for use in corrosive environments, such as the (petro) chemical industry, water purification facilities, shipping and the offshore industry.

Application of Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating

Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating in landings, floors, walkways, platforms and staircases has many advantages: Fiber Reinforced Plastic is high-strength, weatherproof, low-maintenance, it has a long service life and good anti-slip properties. Furthermore, FRP (GRP) grating is quickly, easily and flexibly processed and installed.

Aesthetic application of FRP grating

Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating is versatile in use and its application is mainly functional. However, FRP grating is also very suitable for aesthetic applications. Architects, contractors and construction companies increasingly use our Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating for both functional and aesthetical purposes, in for example walls, ceilings and cable ducts. FRP grating is easily processed and installed, is relatively low in weight and is low-maintenance. Use of FRP (GRP) grating can therefore reduce the weight of a construction and the maintenance costs considerably: a direct cost advantage.

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