FRP grating 30mm 38×38 ISO Meniscus Grey

A 30mm FRP grating provides acceptable deflection at medium spans up to 900 mm. The grating is made of an Isophthalic Polyester resin and layered fibreglass. This makes the grating chemically resistant in aggressive environments. The grating can be applied horizontally and also vertically as aesthetic finishing. The FRP (GRP) grating has 38 x 38 mm meshes and with the concave (meniscus) top excellent anti-slip properties. The grating is also available in the colour green or with a smaller mesh configuration (19 x 19 mm).

Thickness30 mm
ColourGrey, approximately RAL 7035
Resin typeIsophthalic polyester
Mesh sizes38 mm x 38 mm
Top surfaceMeniscus Top Surface
Weight15.6 kg/m²

This type of FRP grating is available in the following standard sizes:

2000 mm x 1000 mm   |   product code: R-32010-MGI3   |   Download datasheet
2440 mm x 1220 mm   |   product code: R-32412-MGI3   |   Download datasheet
3000 mm x 1000 mm   |   product code: R-33010-MGI3   |   Download datasheet
3048 mm x 915 mm     |   product code: R-33009-MGI3   |   Download datasheet
3660 mm x 1220 mm   |   product code: R-33612-MGI3   |   Download datasheet

This FRP grating was applied in the following projects: