Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic as alternative

Fiber Reinforced Plastic products and FRP constructions can be an excellent alternative to the more traditional building materials, constructions and products such as wood, steel, stainless steel and concrete or stone. Combinations of steel, stainless steel and Fiber Reinforced Plastic can produce surprisingly innovative and durable solutions.

At FlexxCon we like to think in solutions. Fiber Reinforced Plastic solutions, because FRP is high in strength, low-maintenance and very versatile. FRP (GRP) is often an excellent alternative and can also offer many new possibilities. Are you curious or do you want more information? Call FlexxCon!

Alternative to steel grating, concrete grating

Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating is a superb alternative to:

    • Stainless steel grating
    • steel grating
    • wooden grating
    • concrete grating

High in strength, safe (anti-slip) and low-maintenance

FRP grating (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) is very high in strength, safe (anti-slip), low-maintenance and very versatile in use. That is why FRP grating is increasingly used as an alternative to stainless steel grating, steel grating, wooden grating and concrete grating. The FRP grating is often used for drainage gutters and channels, cable ducts, landings, flooring, walkways, staircases and platforms. FRP grating is highly corrosion-resistant and therefore particularly suitable for use in industry, road and hydraulic engineering, shipping and various chemically hazardous conditions.

Save on costs with FRP

FRP (GRP) grating is flexibly, easily and quickly processed and installed. FRP is also relatively light in weight and low-maintenance. Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating can reduce the weight of a construction and the maintenance costs considerably: direct cost savings.

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