Deflection test

FlexxCon always aims for quality and reliability. In relation to this, FlexxCon decided to have the deflection of FRP grating tested under various loads by an independent party. Element in Breda will carry out these tests in the autumn. As soon as we have the results, we will inform you on this.

Click here for the website of Element Breda.

FlexxCon tensile test of handrail deflection test-FRP grating


Amersfoort Business Run; running for charity

On 27 June 2014, the FlexxCon team participated in the Amersfoort Business Run.

With a great deal of enthusiasm, the ten-member team completed the 5 or 10 km run across a challenging track to raise money for charity.

This year the proceeds went to the Toon Hermans Huis in Amersfoort (NL). Click here for more information on the business run.

Amersfoort Business Run

Amersfoort Business Run Amersfoort Business Run




New FlexxCon website online

Last Friday, 13 June, we launched our new website online. The old website had become too static and obsolete. With the new website we not only aim to make it look more dynamic and exciting, but also provide more information, quicker and better.

New pages include:

  • News section
  • Wiki library with downloads
  • Almost all the visual material
  • Video items

Den Bosch Railway

Den Bosch Railway

In May 2014, FlexxCon completed a major project for Heijmans Civiel. For the project, better known as Sporen Den Bosch (Den Bosch Railway), FlexxCon supplied the aesthetic grating for the concrete supports. With the approval of the architectural firm, FlexxCon worked out the engineering and structural details for ‘Den Bosch Railway’ in collaboration with the contractor. Using a 3D model, curved grating was cut to size and installed to measure on site.

Quote from the general foreman: 
‘I thank FlexxCon for the quality they delivered and how well all the materials fitted.
I have rarely seen everything fit so seamlessly together without adjustments to the work having to be made’.


FRP (GRP) Grating Den Bosch Railway FRP (GRP) Grating Den Bosch FRP (GRP) Grating Den Bosch Den Bosch Railway Aesthetic use of grating in Den Bosch FRP (FRP) Grating in Den Bosch